‘100 Years’ movie casting, John Malkovich, Shuya Chang and Marko Zaror


(Youth Press Pakistan) 100 Years is an experimental science fiction film, a production of Kouz Production, Moonwalk Films, and Troublemaker Studios.

The production team announced the 18 November 2115 release date of the film. As copies and recoding of the film are sealed into a bottle of glass that will be automatically opened once its age cross 100 years.

Louis XIII Cognac is a brand that was founded in the 17s and is the maker of glass bottles.

In November 2015 Malkovich and Rodriguez from the core team of Louis XIII Cognac announced that they have an idea that inspire the 100 years of their product age. So, they don’t reveal the plot of the film story.

On November 18, 2015, three teaser trailers of 100 years film were released: Retro, Nature, and Future.

John Malkovich is the writer of the film, Robert Rodriguez is the director of the film, John Malkovich also plays lead actor rile as the male protagonist, Shuya Chang as the lead female protagonist, and Marko Zaror as the antagonist.

While the title song of  “100 Years” will be released in November 2117. That will show the collaboration of Pharrell Williams with Louis XIII, which is the composer of the ‘100 years’ song.


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