Snapchat Continuously crashing for Apple users, fixing soon

         Snapchat clients have been broadly detailing application crashes since introducing the most recent variant of the application delivered through the App Store. The organization recognized the issue with a post on Twitter today, encouraging that it is now chipping away at the fix. 

Snapchat crashing for Apple
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        The inundation of protests associates to the arrival of rendition of the Snapchat application, which was pushed out short of what one day prior. As per numerous clients, the Snapchat application will quickly crash after being opened, and no fix is as of now accessible.

        Snapchat recognized the issue in a post on Twitter earlier today, saying that dealing with a fix will be delivered to the App Store soon: 

        "We're mindful of an issue with the most recent variant of Snapchat accessible in the App Store. Keep it together, we are investigating it and chipping away at a fix! 

        Snapchat for the most part delivers new updates to the App Store consistently, a significant number of them zeroed in just on bug fixes and execution enhancements. We ought to anticipate that an update should come sooner than the following week, nonetheless, with a fix for this slamming issue. 

        Snapchat clients on Twitter are exceptionally disappointed with this bug, basically because of the application's attention on looking after day by day "streaks" of sending Snapchats to individuals. On the off chance that the application crash keeps going longer than 24 hours, it could make Snapchat clients lose their streaks completely. 

        Meanwhile, clients ought to try not to introduce rendition of the Snapchat application, on the off chance that they haven't as of now, and be watching out for a more up to date delivery to hit the App Store. We'll make certain to refresh this story once Snapchat has carried out an update, however sadly there is no schedule. 

        Have you encountered any issues as of late with the Snapchat for iOS application? Have you found any workarounds for the accident? Tell us down in the comments!

Snapchat crashing for Apple
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IOS users reporting about Snapchat Crashing

        One added: "@snapchatsupport update broke Snapchat". 
        Furthermore, another expressed: "Soooooo my @Snapchat crashes when I open it. Is it only for iPhone clients? This update gotta hold this L." 
        The authority Snapchat Support Twitter account has affirmed they're mindful of issues with the iOS variant of Snapchat. 
        The record added that architects are dealing with a fix for the issue at the present time. 
        The @Snapchatsupport Twitter posted: "We're mindful of an issue with the most recent form of Snapchat accessible in the App Store. Keep things under control, we are investigating it and dealing with a fix!" 
        The most recent Snapchat iOS update was delivered in the early long stretches of Monday June 28 UK time.

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