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         The current week's Legendary difficulties incorporate a beautiful wide assortment of exercises players are entrusted with finishing. 

Fortnite: Where To placeMissing Person
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        You can peruse the full rundown of Season 7, Week 4 difficulties here. 

        One of these difficulties requests that players place Missing Person signs in Weeping Woods and Misty Meadows. I surmise the outsiders have abducted and examined a ton of the occupants of Fortnite and now we must assistance find them...or something. 

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        Regardless, this is a beautiful direct test. You need to put 4 signs in either Weeping Woods or Misty Meadows. Here's a guide for each.

Sobbing WOODS 

Sobbing Woods Missing Person Signs areas

  • On the northern-most hotel's north divider. 
  • East cabin, front entryway 
  • East cabin, close to the secondary passage 
  • By the riverside shack 
  •  Foggy Meadows Missing Person Signs areas
  •   Across the road from the blue corner building 
  •   Close the reboot van by the divider 
  •   Before the neon pig store 
  •   Western edge of the city at the bus station 

        Basically place four signs to grab 30,000 XP and continue to open levels on the Season 7 Battle Pass. That is a ton of XP for a lovely straightforward journey. Not very pitiful! 

Fortnite: Where To placeMissing Person

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