'MAOS Online Shopping' announced blessed Friday sale: Founder Umair Ahmad

Lahore: Founder of Youth Group Limited and MaOS Online Shopping Umair Ahmad announced 16 April of each month as a blessed Friday sale day. While few other mega sales days will be announced shortly as said by Umair Ahmad. He also announced multiple shops of brands to make this platform competitor of the marketplace like Daraz in Pakistan.

He announced that Pakistan will be the hub of e-commerce in few years. Pakistani sellers will be the leading sellers on different international marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, Etsy etc. The global e-commerce industry will be depended upon Pakistan.

In the ceremony, another member of MaOS Online Shopping chairperson Iffat Batool strongly agrees with the statements of the MAOS founder. The team announced complete supporters for the better future of Pakistan.

MaOS Online Shopping is an e-commerce website based in Lahore, Pakistan. The platform was launched by Youth Group Limited in 2019, Umair Ahmad founder of Youth Group Limited announced this platform at his birthday ceremony.

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