Umair Ahmad founded Youth Press Pakistan on 16 April 2021 on his 24th birthday. He is also the founder of Youth Group Limited which is a media company founded by Umair Ahmad in 2017. Youth Group Limited and Iftikhar Traders are the owner of Youth Press Pakistan. In the announcement speech of Youth Press Pakistan, after the celebration of his birthday, Umair says:

"Pakistan is the country which represents different cultures, religions, languages and traditions. Unfortunately, political parties and their key people forget the original purpose of Pakistan. Pakistan was founded for the representation of the Muslim community throughout the world, but we are struggling for the rights, freedom and basic needs of our own country Muslims. I want to work for the whole Muslim community throughout the world and want to participate in world peach promoting campaigns. I want to be an advocate of Muslim issues in front of International communities. Our organization want to see Pakistan leading into every field of life. Youth Press Pakistan is a sign of the technology movement in Pakistan. Everyone should teach their children computer and technical education. YPP will provide free education about technology to the people of Pakistan. We will update you with every single opportunity that a Pakistan should awal for the positive growth of Pakistan."

Editor in Chief

Iffit Batool co-founder of Iftikhar Traders is Editor in Chief of Youth Press Pakistan.


Maira Iftikhar is editor of Youth Press Pakistan - Pakistani Newspaper.

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