The Founder of ‘YGLTD’, Umair Ahmad announced ‘The Pakistan Times’: Sources


Lahore: According to sources, Umair Ahmad founder and CEO of local media company Youth Group Limited announced The Pakistan Times as an official news source of While the Youth Publishers will be the official publishers and distributer of newspapers.

In an interview with local media platforms, he said: “Pakistan is the fifth largest populated country in the world. But unfortunately, no government tries to build it technically. Pakistan has the world’s largest young generation to earn millions of dollars in revenue from the IT industry. We are unable to grow our drama and film production industry because no government agrees to give it industry status.”

Umair also said “We being a small media company want to do little efforts for the better growth of media industry in Pakistan. On the other hand, we have professional technical people in the animation industry. But we are unable to produce a single serving of animation that represents our culture and society. Pakistan has a waste number of professional writers but failed to produce a single international competing story. Authorities should become part of the media industry to produce millions of dollars in revenue each year”

The ceremony ended with the speech of Umair Ahmad. Serval other people present their thoughts about the role of media and provide their ideas to get millions of dollars revenue in the income of government.


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