‘UFO 2022’ Turkish Netflix film released today


UFO is a Turkish-language Netflix-based film, just released today (23 February 2022). The film is a romantic drama film, written by Meryem Gültabak and and directed by Onur Bilgetay The lead casting of UFO is rising star Ipek Filiz Yazici, Mert Ramazan Demir and Ferit Aktug.

According to a review, UFO 2022 film doesn’t create any kind of impact neither romantic nor cultural. Themes are introduced. According to the reviewer “At least the music, food, and the city look great, but is that enough to watch a movie for?


  • Ipek Filiz Yazici
  • Mert Ramazan Demir
  • Ferit Aktug
  • Nilsu Yilmaz
  • Elif Cakman
  • Cemile Çigdem Canyurt
  • Eda Akalin
  • Mekin Sezer
  • Enes Küllahçi
  • Kerem Alp Kabul


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