Watch How did Imam-ul-Haq respond to the marriage offer during the Television show?


A discussion with Pakistani left-handed nature Imam-ul-Haq during a Television show took an intriguing turn when a girl from the followership proposed to the cricketer for marriage. The incident passed during a comedy show, soon to be vented on Geo News, when the girl asked Imam”Will you marry me?”

The unforeseen question left Imam thunderstruck and flushing. Still, holding his horselaugh back, Imam asked what he could say in this regard. At this, the girl requested Imam to not fail her.

“For this, you have to go to my mama,” the cricketer responded, while the girl said she’d go to anyone if he said yes.
‘ Babar Azam will marry first’Imam
Speaking during another show, Imam said he’d no plans to marry soon.

“For now, I do not have any plans to get wedded. Perhaps in the coming bone and a half times, you’ll see me getting wedded. But, presently, my focus is on justice,” he said.

“Babar Azam will marry first, also I’ll suppose about it, “Imam responded to a marriage-related question.

Imam, who’s the whoreson of former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq, made his transnational debut in 2017 in an ODI against Sri Lanka. Also, he has played 14 Tests, 49 ODIs, and two T20Is.


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